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Custom TagMate System Quote

Custom TagMate System Quote

The Custom TagMate System is a compact auxiliary-marking device developed by Infinity Stamps specifically for marking Jewelry Tags of all shapes and sizes. This marking device is easy to use and is simpler and more efficient than any marking tool Infinity Stamps has tested in the past.

The TagMate System is comprised of three parts:

  1. Base
  2. Cap
  3. TagMate Stamp


  • A recessed "bed" is engraved to snugly hold the Jewelry Tag Design of your choice in place for uniform marks.
  • The cap features an opening designed to allow easy insertion of the TagMate Stamp, specifically designed and produced to fit only one way.
  • After the TagMate stamp is inserted, it has no wiggle-room and lands directly onto the center of the tag.
  • This marking method ensures accurate alignment of the stamp with the tag, leaving perfectly centered marks as large as can be.

Other Details

  • Dimensions: The base is 1-1/4” in diameter by 1-1/2” high and the cap is 1-1/2” in diameter by 1-1/2” high.
  • Additional TagMate Stamps are available in the TagMate System collection.
  • Additional Bases are available for marking several Jewelry Tag patterns in the TagMate Parts collection.
  • Custom made for marking precious metals
  • Used with 16 oz. Ball-Peen Hammer or Mallet
  • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.


Custom Made
Ships in approx. 6 business days

The TagMate Marking Method advantage:

  1. A "Do It Yourself" task -- Saves time and costs
  2. Simple, safe and easy to use
  3. Allows for larger, clear logos on any tag
  4. Eliminates tag wastage
  5. Ensures professional looking tags
  6. Accommodates multiple tags of various sizes & shapes with additional available bases (sold separately).

How to use the TagMate Stamp and TagMate:

  1. Set the TagMate base on a workbench.
  2. Place a Jewelry Tag inside the custom engraved recess
  3. Cover the base with the cap.
  4. Insert the TagMate Stamp with its flat side facing forward into the opening in the cap.
  5. Hold the cap with one hand and with your other hand strike the stamp with a hammer.

Repeat this process to mark as many Jewelry Tags as needed, being assured that every tag will be uniformly marked in its center.

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