Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q. What are Metal Stamps, Who uses them and Why?
    A. As you’re on our website, you most likely know what metal stamps are. But, just in case you’re not sure, no worries. Here’s a brief clarification: Chances are you’ve seen or used a rubber stamp. A metal stamp is also a marking tool but there’s a big difference. It is intended for permanently stamping various materials. Simply imagine a stamp made of metal instead of rubber and then look around you. There’s no doubt you will see items made of metal with markings on them such as a logo, a name or a code of some sort. From personal metal and leather items you may be wearing, to hand tools and kitchen utensils, all these items and many more around you, were stamped with various kinds of metal stamps. Some imprinted and impressed marks may have been stamped by hand using a hammer or mallet, while other markings may have involved the use of presses. There’s an endless array of products made of metal, plastics, leather, wood and more that are stamped for identification and promotional purposes. Anyone who makes something; manufacturers, tradesmen, artisans and those who want to deter theft, all want to stamp their logo or name on their product or belongings. 

  2. Q. Is a metal stamp different from a punch, a die, a stamper, an embosser, a steel stamp or a stencil?
    A. Sometimes metal stamps have other names such as those mentioned in the question above. Our website includes a wide range of metal stamps and we have done our best to make it as informative and helpful as possible. Should you need assistance in determining what kind of metal stamp would be most suitable for your specific application(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

  3. Q. How long will my stamp last, and how many imprints can I get?
    A. The answer depends on several factors: The material you’re marking, the frequency and volume you’re stamping, as well as proper use and care. Based what many of our customers have told us, our stamps are lasting them far longer in comparison to stamps they purchased elsewhere.
  4. Q. Do you make custom stamps?
    A. Yes we do! As a matter of fact, producing custom stamps is our specialty.

  5. Q. Can you guys design a logo for me?
    A. If you can give us a rough sketch for your logo idea, we can take it from there. We have an in-house graphics design team with a great set of skills, available to assist with recreating and refining logo, designs and much more. 

  6. Q. I have a logo. What format do you need it in?
    A. We prefer vector formats but, if you don’t have your logo in vector format, you can send us whatever you have. Please visit our Submitting Artwork page for preferred formats.

  7. Q. I have a logo. Can you make me a stamp and give me an estimate? 
    A. We certainly can! Please send us your logo, the size you want it to be and specify the material you will be stamping. 

  8. Q. Can you engrave the jewelry metal tags you offer?
    A. We offer a Jewelry Tag Stamping Service for stamping the jewelry metal tags of your choice. We also have an easy “Do-It-Yourself” compact tag-marking tool called the “TagMate System” that ensures professional looking stamped tags. Make sure to check it out! 

  9. Q. Do you ship to Canada? Do you post to Ireland, Australia, South Africa… etc.?
    Yes, we do ship to all those countries and worldwide. As long as UPS and USPS deliver to your location, there’s no issue. We are also flexible with shipping arrangements. If you have any preferences, please let your Representative know what they are.

  10. Q. I see a design in your sample photos that I would like to use. Can I use that design for my own stamp? 
    A. Infinity Stamps respects its customers and, therefore, cannot use a logo or an original design provided by our customers. However, universal symbols as well as designs from our Clip Art Gallery are the exception.

  11. Q. What happens after I place an order, do you have any warranties and what is your return policy?
    A. See our After You Order, Quality Assurance and Return Policy pages.

  12. Q. How long does it take to get a reply after I send you my Inquiry or submit my Quote Request?
    A. We do our best to respond within 2-3 business days. If you need immediate assistance feel free to call us at 818-576-1188 between 8 am and 5 pm, PST Monday-Friday.

  13. Q. I filled out a quote request, but I never heard back from you. What do I do?
    A. Please check your spam folder. If our response isn’t there, give us a call at 818-576-1188 or send us a follow-up email at, preferably using the same e-mail address as you used for your initial inquiry.

  14. Q. How long will it take for me to receive my order? 
    A. Please visit our After You Order page. Most Custom Orders are ready for shipment in two to three weeks from the day we receive the customer’s approval of our proof. Rush and Super-Rush orders are shipped out within a few days. Time in transit depends on the shipping method and option you select as well as the Ship-To address. 

  15. Q. I need my order as soon as possible, is there anything you can do?
    A. Orders of Stock Products received during the AM hours, PST, are usually shipped the same day or the following day. Orders for Stock Products received in the PM hours, PST, usually ship out the following business day or the day after. As for custom products, we accommodate Custom Rush Orders for expedited production (for an additional fee). You can also choose the fastest shipping option offered by UPS (or by your courier). A shipping charge would depend on destination, package weight and the shipping option of your choice. Fast service is one of our greatest assets. If you have a deadline, make sure to mention your deadline date to your Representative to ensure timely delivery. 

  16. Q. What do you recommend for marking items that could get damaged if I use a metal stamp with a hammer or my Impact Press? 
    A. Choosing to use a Hydraulic Press instead of a hammer or an Impact Press will resolve this issue.

  17. Q. I need marks that will be darker and more noticeable, what do you recommend?
    If you need to mark wood and other materials that can be “burnt”, check out our Branding Irons Unlimited division at for branding irons. Branding Irons Unlimited shares our facility and our representatives will be glad to assist you with any marking tools you may need.

  18. Q. Can you make me a stamp for stamping my leather and my metal items?
  19. A. Stamps for stamping leather are made differently from stamps for imprinting metal. Therefore, you would need a different stamp for each of these two materials.

  20. Q. I’m in your area quite often. Can I come in to discuss what I need?
    A. By all means! We always welcome visitors to our facility. Please give us a call at: 818-576-1188 and we’ll make sure one of our Representatives will be available to meet and assist you. 

  21. Q. How much would it cost me to have a stamp made using a design from your Clip Art Gallery?
    A. The price will depend on the complexity of the clip art you select, the size you want for your imprint, what metal you want for your stamp and what material your product is made of. In addition, the number of stamps you order will have an effect on the price per stamp. The larger the quantity, the lower the price per stamp.

  22. Q. Do you have a minimum per order?
    A. In most cases we don’t have quantity minimums. Feel free to call us for more details.

  23. Q. I have recently purchased some stamps from your company. Where can I find more information on how to use them and take care of them?
    A. Take a look at our Instructions and Care page to find some guidance and useful tips and, of course, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

  24. Q. What credit cards do you accept?
    A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

  25. Q. I've received my quote for custom and stock products, what happens next?
    A. To move forward, simply contact the representative who quoted you. If you prefer you can e-mail or fax us to place your order.

  26. Q. Do you offer wholesale prices?
    A. We offer quantity discounts on most metal stamps and most related products. Call us for details.