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Wood Stamps

As a Wood Craftsman, you take pride in your wood projects and there’s no doubt you would want to put your signature on your finished pieces. We, too, are proud of our craft and make only quality Steel Stamps that will elevate your wood creations to the next level.

Our Steel Stamps for marking wood are produced in-house, right here in the USA. The stamps we produce leave clear, yet subtle imprints that you can enhance by applying wood stain to the entire surface of your wood craft. With a subtle yet clear mark, it’s a popular choice for signing both small and large wood products, a must for any proud woodworker. Our graphics team can use your signature or logo and feature virtually any artwork to create your stamp. Made per your specifications, you can choose between a Steel Hand Stamp for wood and a Steel Plate Stamp for marking wood. Our stamps will give you the ability to mark your wood products with confidence and satisfaction!

NOTE: While stamping wood achieves a unique imprint, it is a fine and subtle mark. If you want your mark to be bold and prominent, you may want to consider a branding iron. Check out our division, Branding Irons Unlimited (sharing our facility) and take a look at some branded wood photos. Contact us for more details and a quote for a Steel Stamp and a Branding Iron. 

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