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Leather Stamps

As a Leather worker, you know the value of stamping your leather crafts. With our custom Leather Stamps, your imprints will be deep and clear, leaving a lasting impression.

Our in-house team uses quality Steel and Brass for producing your custom leather stamps for use with a mallet or in a press. With a custom leather stamp, you can feature a logo, a design and any text in virtually any font on your leather products.

Note: These stamps are intended for stamping thick, firm leather like Veg Tan and Tooling Leather. Some kinds of leather such as soft, supple leather and suede don’t take or hold an imprinted mark. If you’ve never stamped your leather with a metal stamp, and would like us to evaluate it, contact us for details about our evaluation and, if need be, our free Test Marking Service and other practical marking solutions!

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