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TagMate Parts

Years ago, we introduced our invention, the TagMate System. In very little time this unique and compact stamping tool is in high demand worldwide among Jewelry Designers.

Invented to stamp jewelry metal tags easily, virtually eliminating mis-marked tags as it perfectly secures and aligns the TagMate Stamp with the inserted jewelry metal tag.

This product is intended for those of you who already have the TagMate System. If you need a replacement part, you can now purchase the Cap online as well as the Base. Also, if you purchased your TagMate Stamp online (our Ready-2-StampTagMate System) and need a new TagMate Stamp (with text only) you can now purchase it separately. If you have a logo or any specifications, please contact us for a quote.

  • The TagMate Cap:
    Made of aluminum and anodized, is semi-cylindrical in shape, measures 1-1/2”dia. and 1-1/2” high and features a ½” semi-round opening for inserting the TagMate stamp into.
  • The TagMate Base:
    Made of steel, semi-cylindrical in shape, measures about 1-1/4”dia. and is 1-1/2” high. The base acts as security for the tag in the recess, available in different options.
  • TheTagMate Stamp:
    Made with the options you choose from our selection of The Ready-2-Stamp TagMate System products. This stamp is specifically designed to work with the TagMate cap and the *specific base that is compatible with the metal tag style you select.

* The specific TagMate base you will receive (one of several different TagMate bases we offer) will be compatible with the specific style metal tag you choose. It is designed to secure only the specific metal tag style selected.

If you need a new Custom TagMate Stamp (with a new logo, new design, etc.), please contact us and we’ll take care of you right away.