Clip-Art Gallery

Welcome to our Clip-Art Gallery! For those of you who don’t have readily available designs but do have something in mind, you may find what you’re looking for in our clip art selection. Most clip art can be added to any text you may need and sized to be well balanced with your text and the overall mark size. In addition to this clip art gallery we have our Master clip art collection, so don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you don’t find in this gallery. The advantage of using any clip art from our selection is that our Graphics Department has them all in the vector format compatible with our Computerized Engraving Program.

Note: Most of our Clip-Art can be made as either an outline or a filled image.


Filled and Outlined Horse Graphic

If we have any concerns about your choice of Clip-Art, we will make recommendations for the best possible results.

When you choose the clip art you want, ask your representative if the clip art you selected will work “as-is” for your stamping needs. Otherwise, our Graphics Design Department is available to make any necessary modifications. For additional information visit our Design Assistance page.

Clip-Art Gallery:

• Animals
Domestic, Wild & Animal Tracks

Bars and Frames
Borders, etc.

Webdings, Wingdings & Zap Dingbats

Fruits and Vegetables

Geometric Shapes
Stars, Diamonds, etc.

Hand Tools
Saws, Hammers, etc.


Musical Instruments and Symbols

Miscellaneous Symbols & Shapes

Trees, Leaves, Flowers, etc.

Basketball, Baseball, etc.

U.S. States

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, etc.

Suns, Clouds, Snowflakes, etc.