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Embossing Die Sets

Embossing Die Sets

When a raised image is required, Embossing is the most effective marking method. To obtain an embossed (raised) image on thin sheets of material such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, tin, etc. the Embossing Die Set needs to be used in a press.

An Embossing Die Set is comprised of two Metal Stamp parts, male and female. The male part is produced with a face that features the raised image, while the female part is produced with a sunk-engraved image.

To produce the two parts of an Embossing Die Set with the right clearance, it is imperative that the customer specifies the exact thickness of the material to be embossed.

All Embossing Die Sets are made per our customers’ specifications. When artwork is not available, Infinity Stamps can replicate a sample Embossing Die Set or utilize an embossed product as a sample to produce a new Embossing Die Set.


  • Custom Made to order per your specifications.
  • Capable of high detail.
  • Made in-house in the U.S.A.

Other Details

  • Quality-grade steel 
  • Heat treated to required hardness


Custom Made
Upon approval of proof, ships in approx. 10-15 business days
Rush Orders accommodated

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