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TagMate Cap

TagMate Cap

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TagMate Stamp, base and Jewelry Tags sold Separately

The TagMate is a compact auxiliary-marking device developed by Infinity Stamps specifically for marking Jewelry Tags of all shapes and sizes. This marking device is easy to use and is simpler and more efficient than any marking tool Infinity Stamps has tested in the past.

THIS IS ONLY THE CAP. Complete TagMate System includes all 3 TagMate parts. Additional TagMate Stamps and other parts are available in the TagMate Parts collection.

The TagMate System is comprised of three parts:

  1. The base
  2. The cap
  3. TagMate Stamp


Advantages of the TagMate System

  1. A fast & easy "Do It Yourself" tag marking method
  2. Ensures professional looking logo tags
  3. Saves money; flawless imprinted logos eliminate mis-marked, unusable tags
  4. Ensures correct orientation, perfect alignment and full contact with tag
  5. Allows for the largest and most legible imprint on any logo tag
  6. Lightweight and compact; will fit in a pocketbook - Can be taken anywhere.
  7. So simple and safe, even a child can use it and become a proud helper.

Other Details

  • THIS IS ONLY THE TAGMATE CAP. See Complete TagMate System for the complete system
  • Custom made for marking precious metals
  • Used with 16oz. Ball-Peen Hammer or Mallet
  • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.


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