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Pryor 115M/20 3.3 Ton Impact Press

Pryor 115M/20 3.3 Ton Impact Press

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For times when a strike of the hammer will not do the trick, an Impact Press will deliver the pressure you need to get the job done. Easy and safe to operate, this Manual Impact Press can be used anywhere in the factory or shop. Marking is achieved by compressing and releasing a spring loaded ram and presto, you’re done! Ideal for marking metals.

The Pryor Impact Press is available in two other models. The Pryor 114M/15 0.55 Ton Impact Press and the Pryor 116M/32 7.15 Ton Impact Press.


  • Marking pressure easily and quickly adjusted
  • Tough, compact, versatile and portable
  • Adjustable without the need for tools
  • Automatic compensation for different workpiece thicknesses
  • Large worktable with tee slots enables easy fitting of workholding fixtures
  • Output as fast as manual loading will allow
  • Simple to operate, needs very little maintenance.

Other Details

  • Works on soft metals and mild steel
  • Capable of 3.3 Tons (3000kg) of force
  • Weight: 72.6 lbs.
  • Base Area: 340 x 200 mm
  • Overall Height: 850mm
  • Round Shank: 10mm dia. x 40mm Long 
  • Compatible with many accessories made by PRYOR®
  • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.
  • This item is a special order and is non-returnable

Max. Characters

Aluminum is much softer than Steel and it takes less pressure to make a mark.
This allows you to mark more and larger Steel Type characters in one impact.
Use the chart bellow to determine your needs:

Maximum Characters Using Sharp Faced Type in Aluminum and Steel Chart


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