Low Stress Dot-Style Alphabet Stamp Sets

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NOTE: Pryor sets are nickel plated and come in a red case, Hanson Sets are in a gray case.

These Low Stress Dot-Style Stamps feature specially designed dotted block letters from A to Z. Although these stamps are used for similar applications as the Round-Face low stress stamps, the Dot-Style Low Stress stamps are the best option for products that require a reduced stress marking method. The Dot-Style Stamps are the ideal low-stress marking solution for the Aerospace, Nuclear and Oil industries.

Available in character sizes from 3 mm or 1/8" (.125") to 12.5 mm 1/2" (.500") also available in 0-9 number sets and combination sets. Several sizes are manufactured by Pryor, and come with a bright red plastic case, the two largest sizes are manufactured by Hanson, and come in a gray plastic case. See chart below for details.


  • Easily stamp and spell words without fear of breakage or premature character wear.
  • Entire alphabet from A-Z
  • Dotted Style characters, an ideal low-stress choice for fragile surfaces
  • Stamp front side forged to indicate correct orientation
  • Beveled for precision marks
  • Character sizes from 3 mm or 1/8" (.125") to 12.5 mm 1/2" (.500") sold separately in sets of figures 0 - 9, letters A - Z or combination sets.
  • Packed in strong plastic boxes with separate compartments for each stamp, to allow rapid selection. Pryor cases are red, Hanson are gray.
  • Suitable for all engineering and Industrial applications
  • Hanson Sets: Quality heat-treated, alloy steel, made in the USA
  • Pryor Sets: Quality Nickel plated heat-treated alloy steel, made in the UK

Other Details

  • Made of quality controlled steel alloy
  • Precision heat treated to a hardness of 58-62 Rockwell C at the character and 32-40 Rockwell C at the striking end.
  • Used with 16 oz. Ball-Peen Hammer or Impact Press
  • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.


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Character Size and Manufacturer Chart