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Custom Handheld Steel Stamp For Metals, Wood, Leather, or Plastic

Custom Handheld Steel Stamp For Metals, Wood, Leather, or Plastic

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Our Custom Metal Stamps are designed to be durable, dependable, and detailed marking tools for metal surfaces. Every stamp is made from heat-tempered, tool-grade steel. They're popular for jewelry or product tags, and they're great for marking aluminum, brass, gold, silver, or stainless steel. These handheld stamps can also be optimized for stamping wood or leather. Learn more...

Durable, dependable, and detailed

Uploaded images are reviewed within two business days, and a proof is then sent prior to order fulfillment. After confirming your approval of the proof, the order then enters production and ships out at the end of the production speed window selected.

Don't forget to accessorize...

Optimized to leave clear imprints, these handheld stamps work are custom made in the USA. They provide the best marks with a bench block and a ball peen hammer or mallet. These base accessories promote a smooth and better quality stamping result.The ball-peen hammer is designed for metalworking and is ideal for striking steel hand stamps. The handheld stamp holder is a great tool for holding a metal stamp in place. And the steel bench block provides a solid, stable surface for stamping metal pieces.

...all to leave a good impression.

We reproduce custom artwork on each stamp with very fine detail and high quality through our manufacturing process. In addition to the design, each stamp features custom beveling to ensure clear marks. The top end of each stamp is beveled to prevent chipping when struck with a hammer. The corners near the stamp face are beveled to prevent or minimize unwanted background marks. A groove on one side of the metal stamp indicates the bottom of the artwork, ensuring proper and consistent orientation so that the design you approve is the one you get from your stamp. Every time.

Tools that are made to last

Our steel stamps are produced using a non-contact machining method so as to ensure the best quality and durability of the tool for making repeated markings over a long life-span.

Price modifiers are based on material, image size and image complexity. Pictures are intended to show features of the custom stamps and may not reflect the product/final price.

Stamp Face Depths:

  • 0.025 in (0.635 mm) - Metals (steel, brass, aluminum, etc.)
  • 0.025 in (0.635 mm) - Precious metals (gold, silver, etc.)
  • 0.045 in (1.143 mm) - Plastic
  • 0.063 in (1.600 mm) - Wood
  • 0.094 in (2.388 mm) - Leather

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Fast shipping and top quality product.

From one business to another it is greatly appreciated!

The stamp works great!


Many Thanks

Please thank our account manager again for her patience and kindness. I love the fact that you have one customer service person to help you all the way through your project and not have to explain it to a new person every time you call.
Many Thanks again.
Michael McCarthy
Art Director
Lionhill Inc.

Thank you

Thanks for a great product

Will recommend

Good work - keep it up.