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5/8" Opening Light Duty Handheld Steel Type Holder

5/8" Opening Light Duty Handheld Steel Type Holder

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Steel Type Sold Separately

When the mark you need to make frequently changes, you should reach for a steel type holder. You can use it to arrange individual characters for spelling out different names, codes or serial numbers, etc. 

This handheld holder is designed to work with our custom notched steel type characters (sold separately), and can accommodate up to 10 characters at 1/16" character height. As the character size increases, the amount of characters that can be held at one time decreases, with the holder being able to fit up to 3 characters at the maximum character size of 3/16".


  • Handheld Type Holder with 5/8" (15.88 mm) opening
  • Holds maximum of 10 characters at 1/16" character height
  • Tightens with a simple turn of an Allen Wrench (included)
  • Notched Steel Type Characters sold separately
  • Made of Quality Tool Steel
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