Design Assistance

When You Need Assistance, You Can Count on Us!

Whether you need help with designing a complex steel stamp or with optimizing your graphics, we have the know-how and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Product Design Assistance

Based on any specifications you may have and your clarification of your stamping needs, our experienced production leaders will work closely with you to develop and to complete the stamping tool you require.
Don’t hesitate to ask a representative of ours to arrange for any further assistance you may need.

Graphics Assistance

When you’re not quite sure about the design for your custom stamps, you are more than welcome to consult us. Anything will do even if it’s just an idea. A helpful starting point could be a rough sketch, a picture or an actual photo, and we will be glad to assist. A representative of ours will take whatever you can provide, and will make sure he or she has a clear understanding of your vision. Teaming up with you, we will turn your vision into a complete image, meeting your expectations. At the same time, we’ll make sure the complete image will be optimized and suitable for producing the kind of stamp you need for stamping your specific material(s).

If you provide us with a logo, a design or any image that you consider complete, please refer to Submitting Artwork for preferred formats. The representative you will be working with will evaluate your logo/image to ensure it is just right for producing a high quality stamp. If necessary, the representative will make suggestions or recommendations for your consideration. In some cases, when you need the services of a Graphics Designer and don’t know of one, you have the option of using our Graphics Design Services. We have an in-house experienced graphics design team that can do wonders, no matter how challenging an image may be!

Free Layouts

Our in-house graphic designers create well-balanced layouts. These layouts can include the placement of text using the PC font of your choice. You can also choose a piece of clip art from our Clip Art Gallery. The advantage of choosing from our clip art gallery is that our Graphics Department has them all in the vector format required for our CNC program.

You are welcome to select a font from our Font Gallery which includes a great collection, presented in a few categories for your convenience. The placement of a decorative design is also included.

Graphic Design Assistance (fees may apply)

  • Every stamp produced by us starts off with a clear image.
  • Every image is carefully evaluated.
  • Every image is optimized for clarity.
  • We are committed to producing high quality metal stamps with highly defined marks. 
  • From refining existing artwork to digitizing an illustration, we do it all.

Quality Assured

Infinity Stamps is dedicated to preparing high quality proofs, from the smallest and simplest, to the largest and most intricate. This is one of the biggest factors that set us apart from the competition!

Graphic Design Capabilities

  • VectorizationISI can convert your Raster Art design, an image created from a collection of pixels (dots), into Vector Art, created with geometric basics such as points, lines, curves and polygons. This allows us to use the latest in engraving technology, resulting in high quality stamps. Once artwork is in vector format it can be used for a variety of purposes from printing and publishing to manufacturing.
  • Fine TuningWhen artwork and fonts may compromise the clarity of the stamp mark, the ISI Graphic Department can fine tune letters, numbers, logos and designs to the point at which they are suitable for producing the best possible stamps.
  • Vector OptimizationFrom time to time ISI encounters artwork that is tailor-made for printing and needs to be re-tailored to accommodate computerized engraving. ISI artists can take care of the necessary adjustments to make engraving possible, while preserving the look of the original image.
  • Basic RestorationWhen the only artwork available is of low resolution or poor quality, the ISI designers can restore the quality of the image.

Special Capabilities

  • Customizing Clip-ArtOur Designers can customize clip-art from The Clip Art Gallery to give it a unique touch. Whether it's assembling two or more pieces of clip art together or altering one for a custom feel, Infinity Stamps can get the job done to bring your vision to fruition.
  • Customizing a FontWhen it comes to leaving a truly unique mark, customizing a font can give your stamp an exclusive feel. Our designers are well versed in fontography and can do everything from altering a font to converting hard copy text into a tailored font.
  • Digitizing IllustrationsWhen the only artwork available is an illustration or hard copy, our designers can convert the image into vector artwork.
  • Advanced RestorationWhen an image is of extremely poor quality, Infinity Stamps can restore the image back to its original shape and form.
  • Removing 3D ElementsArtwork containing drop shadows, and other elements that appear three-dimensional, can sometimes interfere with the quality of the imprinted mark. Our graphic artists can modify or, when necessary, remove these elements for optimization.
  • Unique SolutionsThe skills of our graphics team is not limited to the capabilities listed above. If you have a vision, we have the know-how.