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TagMate System

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If you’re a passionate Jewelry Artisan looking to stamp your jewelry creations, there’s no doubt you will benefit from a TagMate System! After many of our customers kept asking us for an easier way to stamp their logos on metal jewelry tags, it motivated us to think of a solution and it led to our invention, The TagMate System! We designed and created a prototype, tested it and were very pleased with its performance. 

Our TagMate System became very popular worldwide in no time, and here’s why:

• It is a safe & easy “do-it-yourself” tool – Even a child can do it!
• Saves time and costs
• Its base secures the tag in its recess (shallow cavity)
• 10 Bases to choose from (each accommodates a different style metal tag)
• Its cap secures and aligns the inserted TagMate Stamp w/the metal tag
• Works perfectly with all our metal tags, when using the corresponding base
• Enables us to maximize the size of your logo
• So compact, that it fits in a purse or a pocket!
• Works with a 16 oz hammer
• It eliminates tag wastage with proper use
• Supports professional looking tags

Enhance your jewelry creations with our related TagMate Systems, parts and accessories:

Custom TagMate System:
Have a logo? Customize it! - If you have a logo, design or artwork that you wish to add to your jewelry tags, this stamp is for you. With the choice of virtually any font, our graphics team will bring your vision to life.

Ready-2-Stamp TagMate System:
Just your name? Personalize it! - No artwork or logo, but still eager to create? No worries, with our Ready-2-Stamp TagMate System you can select pre-designed fonts and layouts to meet your current stamping needs.

TagMate Parts:
The TagMate System is comprised of three parts: the Cap, the Base and the TagMate Stamp!

1. The TagMate Cap:
Made of aluminum and anodized, is semi-cylindrical in shape, measures 1-1/2”dia. and 1-1/2” high and features a ½” semi-round opening for inserting the TagMate stamp into.

2. The TagMate Base:
Made of steel, semi-cylindrical in shape, measures about 1-1/4”dia. and is 1-1/2” high. We offer it in 10 recess options (recess is a shallow cavity) milled for each of our 10 different style jewelry metal tags.

3. The TagMate Stamp:
Made of heat-treated steel, semi-cylindrical in shape, measures 2” long and tad bit under ½” in width. This stamp is specifically designed to work perfectly with the TagMate cap and base, and we produce it per your specifications.

4. Jewelry Tags:
Our Diamond Series Jewelry Tags are the perfect metal tags for your creations. Sold in packs of 100, you can now choose from Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver, Gold Plated, Copper or Brass metal jewelry tags for your creations.

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