Collection: Roll Dies for Wood

Infinity Stamps has what it takes to produce a wide variety of Roll Dies, in steel and brass. Your Metal Roll Die will be made to fit in your roll marking machines, screw machines and lathes. Whether you need to mark information or a repetitive design on metal bars, gun barrels, wire and cables or leather strips, we can do it all.

If you need to incorporate interchangeable wedge-shaped segments into your Roll Dies, we will make them for you per your specifications, to be secured in place with set screws. 

We produce custom Roll Dies with text in any requested character size, as well as logos. Optimal relief (depth) is usually determined by the material being stamped to obtain the required imprints.

Information that will help us quote you includes the following:

  • Your required image: Text, logo, or design
  • Character size, font name or image size
  • The number of image repeats or the required spacing
  • The needed diameter of mounting opening
  • If you need a keyway, include specifications (to ensure your Roll Die will remain secured on the key shaft).
  • Details on the material being marked: Kind of material, hardness, line speed etc.
  • Required imprint depth