Everyone’s Crazy for a Sharp-Faced Stamp

Stamping hard materials shouldn’t be difficult. For those of you planning on stamping hard metals, wood, or certain plastics, the best solution is to get sharp. Sharp-Faced, that is.

You may have heard the term “sharp face” to describe some of our metals stamps. This means that the characters, logo, or design featured on the stamp is made with sharp peaks instead of flat or rounded ones. These chisel-like peaks are different from our flat-faced or round-faced stamps because they are designed especially for making a deeper impression into hard materials that are able to withstand the impact.

Sharp Face Steel stamps are typically used by the steel industry, knife makers and other metal smiths, as well as tradesmen and artisans working with wood and hard plastics. In many instances, metal stamps used for restoration purposes also need to be made with sharp faces.  For example, our Metal Design Stamps are made with a sharp face, which make them ideal for marking stainless steel rings and other jewelry made of materials similar in hardness.

Below is an example of the difference between sharp and flat-faced stamps.

Sharp Face vs. Flat Face Example

One thing to keep in mind when creating a Custom Sharp-Faced Stamp is that the design must use thin single center lines or outlines and Single-Stroke Fonts in order to make the best impression in your material. This is because thicker lines cannot be made “sharp”.

Below is an example from our Terminology page of the differences between Single-Stroke, Outlined, and Filled images.
Outline vs. Center Line vs. Filled Graphic

 Getting the best mark on your materials truly comes down to having the right stamp for your specific application. We can create Custom Steel Stamps to suit all your marking needs. Contact us today via phone, e-mail, live chat, or fill out our Quote Request Form for assistance.

Restoration Stamps – Bringing New Life to Your Vintage Valuables

Classic Pink CadillacEverything old is new again. With the resurgence in popularity of 1950’s style, many people are returning to their rockabilly roots and celebrating all things vintage from food to fashion to cars and more. Gatherings such as Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend and Nashville Boogie bring together enthusiasts from all walks of life who wish to take a “time warp” back a handful of decades and share their love of the “good ol’ days”. One of the main attractions at such events is classic car shows. Throngs of cars from the past – that have been restored to look shiny and new – line the streets for all to admire. Gearheads and greasers flip over the beauty and spectacle of these works of automotive art.  

Whether you want to spruce up your vehicle for a Sunday drive or get it ready to compete in a show,   if you’re a classic car connoisseur, you know how important authenticity and accuracy is to keeping your collectibles in tip-top shape. Restoration stamps are a practical solution for returning the original glory to vintage cars. Use a restoration stamp to replicate the vehicle identification number (VIN) or inspection marks on a prized classic.Classic Car Model 

At Infinity Stamps, Inc. our Restoration Stamps are custom made to your specifications. Our Graphics Department is skilled at using pictures, rubbings, or actual marked parts to prepare an accurate proof that will perfectly resemble the markings you wish to duplicate. With your approval of our proof, we set to work, CNC-machining the right stamp for your application. Restoration stamps come in a variety of styles including plate stamps, hand stamps, embossing die sets (male and female) and roll dies. We make them all just for your specific needs.

If you’re looking to take your car out of the past and into present perfection, check out our wide selection of Restoration Stamps!
Sizing and Design Questions

From jewelry designers and craftspeople to tradesmen and representatives of various industries, using a metal stamp is the best way to let everyone know who created those fine pieces and products. With this in mind, you may have a few questions that we can answer, the first of which may be:

What size imprint do I need?
How big or small can my stamp be made?

Bent Ring Hand Stamp for JewelryWhatever your logo, design or text may be, our stamp blanks run the gamut of sizes. Some of our stamps – for example, our Bent Ring Hand Stamps for jewelry – can feature an image small enough to require viewing the imprinted mark with a magnifying glass. Our larger size stamps are often made as plate stamps for use in presses or as concrete logo stamps, to name a few.

We can also make virtually any size Male and Female Embossing Dies for embossing a raised image on sheet metals and certain plastics. Whether you need a simple or a complex image, our CNC machines are capable of producing quality stamps of high detail, suitable for stamping whatever material you may be marking.

Large Size Metal Stamp Simply let us know what materials you intend to mark and, if you have it, send us a picture of your logo, text, or design. Our graphics team will skillfully evaluate your image and, if need be, we’ll make recommendations.

Any custom stamp you   may need will start off with an actual size proof for your approval, to ensure the best possible results.

 You put a lot of effort into the work you do, be it jewelry design, leather craft, construction, or vehicle restoration, or anything else. With our stamps in hand, your imprinted marks will be proudly displayed.





The Fun of a Pun
Being Crafty and Clever!

Nothing spells a good time like witty wordplay, and what better way to spice up your next stamping project than with delightful sayings to tickle the funny bone? Places where you can stamp fun phrases can be on jewelry pieces, home décor, and much more.

Jewelry designers, get your creative juices flowing by making awesome accessories. A cute stamped pendant or bracelet is guaranteed to put a grin on peoples’ faces in many places. No matter where you go, a pun is always fun!

Here’s a great idea for DIY home décor: Add flair to your flatware! Stamp slogans such as, “I laugh at decaf” or “Crazy for cocoa” on your beverage spoons. Your day will be all the sweeter when you’re stirring up a cup of joy (and java!)

The possibilities are infinite when you set your mind to it!


A Brief Note About Minimalism

If you’ve ever thought about creating a beautiful design for a logo or a brand, your first instinct may be towards something ornate and complex. While this is a lovely style, minimalism is the current hot trend and this style has a lot to say in a little bit of room.

The advantage to minimalism lies in its simplicity. Rather than taking an image and over-complicating it with a lot of details, often times less, as they say, is more. If you are planning on designing a logo, consider a design including only the fundamental elements. Having a minimalistic logo that conveys a clever message will have a stronger impact on your customers, making your name and brand more memorable.

There are a variety of examples of minimalistic logo design that you see all the time, and might not even know it. Consider famous sneaker companies or even electronic brands. These small symbols make a bigger impact on consumers than even consumers realize. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your favorite streaming music app? If you’re searching on a smart phone, chances are the first thing you’re looking for is that familiar logo you know so well. It stands out among other logos because of its simplicity in design.

Beauty is in simplicity and it’s high time to embrace minimalism in design, making your logo one that will be remembered.