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10-Ton Bench-Top Manual Hydraulic Press

10-Ton Bench-Top Manual Hydraulic Press

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Steel Stamps sold separately

For times when a strike of a mallet or hammer just won’t do, the Dake 10-Ton Manual Hydraulic Press can deliver the force you need to leave the impression you want. Easy to use, with a simple hand-cranked hydraulic press, you will be able to deliver up to 10-tons of force with ease. With its easy to read gauge, you'll know the amount of pressure you're delivering each time, making for consistent marks that are just the right amount of depth. This manual press is ideal for marking tough leather and wood products and works great with metals and plastics.


  • Great companion to a steel stamp for marking leather, wood, plastic and metals
  • Works with both plate stamps and hand stamps
  • Easy to use hand-cranked hydraulic press
  • Up to 10-tons of force
  • Easy to read gauge delivers accurate force reading
  • Amazing repeat-ability - deliver the same amount of force each time for consistent results
  • Half the size of a floor model, conveniently fits on a bench top for easy use
  • Base drilled for mounting on bench

Other Details

  • Assembly Required
  • Dimensions of Box: 29.5" x 19.5" x 6"
  • Dimensions of Assembled Press (not including pump): 23" x 18" x 36"
  • Capable of 10 tons of force
  • Product Weight: 136 lbs. 
  • Shipping Weight: 144 lbs.
  • This item is a special order and is non-returnable


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