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IMPORTANT: Custom orders may not ship in 2019. Thank you for your understanding.

20% off Custom Steel Stamps

Handheld Stamps for Metal are versatile and ready to use. With a hammer or mallet, safety goggles, and a bench block, these stamps are handy and convenient for any application. Upload your custom artwork, and we will optimize it for marking metal surfaces.

Designed for ease of use, the top end is beveled to help prevent chipping when struck with a hammer. The lower section has a groove that can be felt with a thumb to ensure proper and consistent orientation. The face of the stamp is beveled up to the image to minimize or avoid unwanted background marks.

Use discount code SALE2019 for a 20% discount with your purchase of a Handheld Stamp for Metal.

20% off Pryor Steel Stamp Sets

Made using chromium steel and and hardened between 58-62 Rockwell C, these steel stamp sets are perfect for marking leather, plastic, rubber, or wood. These are also nickel plated for rust protection and lasts longer with proper care and use. Each handheld stamp is also marked for easy identification when used.

Use discount code SALE2019 for a 20% discount with your purchase of Pryor Steel Stamp Sets.

Buy a TagMate System, Get a free bag of copper, bronze, or nickel silver tags

The TagMate System is designed to align and center marks on jewelry tags for consistent, simpler, and easier way to stamp metal tags. The system has three parts: a base, a stamp, and a cap. The base is designed to keep the tag in place while the cap ensures a consistent and accurate impression when used with the stamp. The TagMate System is a fun, almost effortless way to stamp metal tags.

Purchase a TagMate System, and use discount code TAGMATE2019 to get a free bag of copper, brass, or nickel silver when selected as an addon.

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