Closeup view of TagMate Ready-2-Stamp - Stamp Only - in Tag B style

TagMate Ready-2-Stamp - Stamp Only - Tag B

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Tag Shown is Blackend & Polished
Tags Sold Separately

This tag-marking stamp is compatible only with the “B” style tag.
TAG B size : 4.5mm x 9.5mm

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The TagMate Ready-2-Stamp - Stamp Only is only 1 part of a 3 part system:

  1. The base with recess to fit Tag B tags (Sold Separately)
  2. The Cap (Sold Separately)
  3. TagMate Stamp

Click on TagMate Ready-2-Stamp Package - Tag B if you need the complete system.

Click on TagMate Parts to see other Ready-2-Stamp stamps and accessories.

The TagMate System is a compact auxiliary-marking device developed by Infinity Stamps specifically for marking Jewelry Tags. It is easier to use than other tag marking methods and produces the highest possible quality marks, perfect for personalizing Jewelry Tags.

The TagMate Ready-2-Stamp - Stamp Only product makes ordering a stamp easy. Simply pick out a Jewelry Tag Design and provide us with the name or words you want to appear on your stamp. The Infinity Stamps Graphics Department will then center and maximize your text to fit on the jewelry tag.

The Ready-2-Stamp Packages are only available in the layout styles and fonts shown above. If you would like to place a custom logo, font or other artwork on your TagMate Stamp or if you would like to see a proof (mock-up) before production, click Custom TagMate Stamp for more information on a custom design stamp.


After the TagMate stamp is inserted it has no wiggle-room and lands directly onto the center of the tag. This marking method ensures accurate alignment of the stamp with the tag, leaving perfectly centered marks as large as can be.

    Other Details

    • Jewelry Tags sold separately.
    • TagMate Ready-2-Stamp - Stamp Only is made per your specifications. A proof (mock-up) is not included. If you would like to request one see the Custom TagMate Stamp.
    • Custom made for marking precious metals
    • Used with 16oz. Ball-Peen Hammer or Mallet
    • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.


    Custom Made
    Ready in approx. 6 business days.

    Jewelry Tags Not Included