Steel Type Holder for 1/16" - 3/16" Characters

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Steel Type Sold Separately

When the mark you need to make will frequently change, a Type Holder will fit the bill. You can use it to arrange individual characters for spelling out different names, codes or serial numbers, etc. With a Type Holder spelling out anything is practically limitless.

This handheld holder is designed to work with steel type characters (sold separately), available here for 4 sizes of steel type, 1/16" (1.50 mm), 3/32" (2.50 mm), 1/8" (3.00 mm) & 3/16" (5.00 mm) (see below chart for capacity).

Type Holder Opening Size And Character Capacity Chart


  • Tightens with a simple turn of an Allen Wrench (included)
  • Steel Type Characters sold separately
  • Made of Quality Tool Steel

Other Details

  • NOTE - Hand holder must be filled to capacity to properly stamp. Use spacers for short codes and phrases as needed.
  • Hand holder designed to be used with a 16 oz. Ball-Peen Hammer.
  • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.


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