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Steel Type

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Steel Type characters are used in Type Holders for various purposes whenever the marks you need to stamp frequently change. For example; serial numbers, codes, names, short phrases, etc. Our Stock Steel Type stamps are made of quality Tool-Steel. They are sharp-faced and, therefore, are a perfect choice for stamping various metals, leaving clear, legible and professional imprints.

We offer Steel Type characters in several sizes, to fit in our stock Handheld Steel Type Holders and our stock Machine Steel Type Holders.

Our Steel Type Stamp selection includes individual Steel Type letters, digits, punctuation marks and spacers. In addition, we produce Custom Steel Type stamps per our customers’ specifications. You can specify the character size you need as well as the font you want, and it can be virtually any existing font. You can also request an alphabet of a language other than the alphabet of the English language.

Easily order our Stock Steel Type right here, on our website. If you need assistance feel free to contact us. For Custom Steel Type, contact a representative with your specifications and quantity to receive a quote.

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