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When using a hand stamp isn’t a good option for you, and you need that extra force, a press is a practical solution. With the presses we offer, you will certainly increase efficiency, productivity and obtain accurate and deep imprints. Please review the quality presses we offer and select the one most suitable press for your stamping needs!

Manual Hydraulic Press
For times when using a hammer just won’t do the trick, the 10-Ton Manual Hydraulic Press can bring the force you need to leave an impression you truly want. With just a few repetitions on the hydraulic pump, it can deliver up to 10-tons of force. You'll know the amount of pressure you're delivering each time thanks to a handy pressure gauge. This gives you the ability to reproduce the best results every time. If you're marking metals, wood, leather or plastics, consider adding this handy press to your workshop.

Hand Operated Percussion / Impact Presses
Easy and safe to operate, these hand operated Impact/Percussion Presses can be used anywhere in the factory or workshop. Marking is achieved by compressing and releasing a spring loaded ram; spring compression (and therefore marking load) can easily and quickly be adjusted. Custom made Steel Stamps, Type & Number dies can all be attached to these Impact Presses, making them versatile and all around efficient marking machines.
Our Impact/Percussion Presses are available in 3 variable marking load sizes:
  • 0.55 Ton
  • 3.3 Ton 
  • 7.15 Ton
Do you need to stamp different serial numbers, codes etc.? Our Type Holder for Machines are compatible with the Impact/Percussion Presses we offer and they are a practical solution when you need the force, the precision and the productivity!