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Low Stress Alphabet Stamps

Infinity Stamps offers Low Stress Steel Alphabet and Number Stamp sets in two character styles, the “Round-Face” and “Dot-Style” to meet your needs. Both styles are available in various character sizes ranging from 1/8” (3.0 mm) to ½” (12.5 mm).

The entire line of Low Stress Alphabet and Number Stamp sets are US and UK made, meaning you can count on their quality! Each stamp is marked on its front side to confirm you’re holding the stamp correctly for imprinting the character upright.  For your convenience, all of our Low Stress Stamp sets are available for purchase directly on our website.

We also produce Custom Low Stress Stamps in both “Round-Face” and “Dot-Style” per your specifications.

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You can always ask us for help with Design Assistance. Our designers can help you turn your ideas into high quality custom stamps.