Small (3.7mm-4.7mm) Any Font-Mix and Match Character and Symbol Stamps

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Infinity Stamps takes pride in producing custom Character and Symbol Stamp Sets of unsurpassed craftsmanship. Simply tell us the font you want to be turned into an Character and Symbol Stamp Set, the size between .062" (1.5 mm) - .144" (3.6 mm) and pick out your the 10 characters you want (anything that can be found on a keyboard).

The Infinity Stamps Custom Character and Symbol Stamp Sets are made extra small for precision marks on very small metal surfaces. They're made of quality grade Steel and are heat-treated for optimal durability.

NOTE: Our Custom Character and Symbol Stamp Sets are always made to order and are not offered anywhere else.


We can make Character and Symbol Stamps with virtually any font. Simply provide us with the name -- we're likely to have it in our massive library!

When picking the font you would like on your Character and Symbol Stamps, please consider the following:

  • Some fonts work better than others for stamping.
  • If you are stamping steel metals, only a single-stroke font will work. See our Single-Stroke Font Library for our list of acceptable fonts.
  • A few fonts require modification to work, artwork services are available at an additional cost.

If we cannot find your font, or if any issues arise with your order, one of our Account Managers will contact you for more information.


The Blank Size of these stamps is 0.258" (6.6 mm) squared, which can hold a character size of .040" (1 mm) - .089" (2.2 mm).

Character Size is the length from the baseline to the tallest point of the letter in the font's alphabet.

NOTE: If you choose a lowercase letter that takes up a large amount of space on the blank, all characters will be shrunk by proportion to match the largest character.

Blank Size vs Character Size

Character Size


The Custom Character and Symbol Stamps include a Proof. This gives you the opportunity to see what the characters will look like before we produce your stamps. Should you want any changes, you will have the chance to request them. We will proceed to produce your stamp set only after you are satisfied and approve the proof.

See the "After You Order" section for more information.


  • 10 Characters - Any 10 you want that can be found on a keyboard.
  • You pick the font and character size
  • Rounded Top End, a feature that prevents the back end from chipping
  • Stamp Face is beveled up to the character for marking with precision
  • A groove on the front lower section of the stamp indicates correct orientation 
  • Suitable for all hobbyist and Industrial applications
  • Made from quality grade tool-steel
  • Heat Treated for maximum durability
  • Made in-house, right here in the USA

Other Details


Custom Made
Ships in approx. 6 business days upon receiving your approval of the Proof.

To better assist you in choosing a font size, we have put together a PDF comparison chart. Simply print out the file on letter size paper, making sure it is set to print at Actual Size.

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