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HD Metal Design Stamps

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When you need to mark a popular design, that's when Design Stamps come in handy. Moons, Lotus Flowers, 4 Leaf Clovers and more are all available. Pick up a few of your favorite designs and get a discount for purchasing more. Made with the high quality standards that Infinity Stamps is known for, you will not find this level of detail anywhere else on the market. Designed with a "sharp face" to mark a variety of different materials, ideal for jewelry.

HD Design Choices

Design 1 Cross

Design 2 Peace Sign

Design 3 Infinity

Design 4 Star of David

Design 5 Number Sign

Design 6 Icthys

Design 7 Horseshoe

Design 8 Five Point Star

Design 9 Heart

Design 10 Swoosh Heart

Design 11 Anvil

Design 12 Flower

Design 13 Clover

Design 14 Daisy

Design 15 Coming Soon

Design 16 14K

Design 17 Moon

Design 18 Ribbon

Design 19 Music Note

Design 20 Yin Yang

Design 21 Smiley Face

Design 22 Skull

Design 23 Paw

Design 24 925

Design 25 Baby Foot R

Design 26 Dolphin

Design 27 Butterfly

Design 28 Boy

Design 29 Girl

Design 30 Soccer Ball

Design 31 Baseball

Design 32 Dragonfly

Design 33 Football

Design 34 Basketball

Design 35 Two Hearts

Design 36 Mason Symbol

Design 37 Fleur De Lis

Design 38 Horse

Design 39 Baby Foot L

Designs vary in size, to see the actual size of all these designs click here to download our HD Design PDF. Print settings may vary.

For a design you don't see here, or for something specific that you want, consider a Custom Jewelry Design Hand Stamp.



  • Sharp Face, designed for use on many different metals
  • Image Raised: .025" (6.35mm)
  • Blank size: 0.250" square (3" inches long, 76.2mm)
  • Made in-house, right here in the USA
  • Made from quality A-2 Tool Steel
  • Heat Treated to 58-60Rc for maximum durability
  • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.

To purchase other quantities, please give us a call at (818) 576-1188.

Note: If you want any of the designs in other sizes, see the Straight Jewelry Hand Stamp.


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