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Handheld Stamp for Metals

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  • $96

Qty Price
1 - 1 $96.00
2 - 4 $86.40
5 - 9 $76.80
10 - 19 $67.20
20 - + $57.60


Pictures are intended to show features of custom stamps and do not reflect the $96 base price.

Handheld stamps for metals are economical and practical options for marking steel and other metals. These stamps deliver quality marks designed and made per customer specifications. While other marking methods can be more costly and possibly involve lasers or hazardous chemicals, choosing to use a steel hand stamp is the most cost-effective and the easiest “do it yourself” permanent marking solution. All you need is a hammer and away you mark.


  • Custom made per customer specifications
  • Capable of high detail
  • Made, in-house, right here in the U.S.A.
  • Engraved to 1/32" deep
  • Made from quality tool steel.

    Other Details

    • Used with 16 oz. Ball-Peen Hammer or Mallet
    • Safety note - we recommend use of safety goggles when using these products.


    Custom Made
    Ships in approx. 10-15 business days

    Hand Stamp Handle Size Examples 

    A few examples of the various blanks used for handheld stamps. Larger sizes feature a tapered handle (as shown on the blanks on the left).

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