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Stock Steel Type Holders

Our Handheld Steel Type Holder selection comes in various capacities depending on the Steel Type character size you intend to use. When the mark you need to stamp will frequently change, a Type Holder will fit the bill. You can use it to arrange individual characters for spelling out different names, codes or serial numbers, etc. With a Steel Type Holder, spelling out anything is virtually limitless!

If you need Steel Type please review the following products:

If you don’t have quality Steel Type Stamps, take a look at our Handheld Steel Type Kit (create direct link to handheld kits) selection.

We also offer Steel Type Holders for use in machines…

Our Machine Steel Type Holders are compatible with Steel Type characters of various sizes. Using a Machine Type Holder increases efficiency and supports accuracy and uniform imprints of identical depth. Check out our Hand Operated Impact/Percussion Presses (sold separately).

You can place an order for the Steel Type Holder you need right here, on our website. If you need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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