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Stock Alphabet Stamps

Whether you’ve used alphabet and number steel stamps before or are planning to stamp your metal items, these Block-Style Stamp sets are cost-effective and versatile!

The Block-Style Stock Alphabet and Number Stamp sets we offer include various character sizes to choose from. The smallest character in this line is .040” (1.00 mm) and the largest is .500” (12.50 mm). Each stamp is marked on its front side with the character size and this marking confirms that you’re holding the stamp correctly to mark the character upright. Whether your application is for identification purposes or for expressing your creativity on your metal items, these stamp sets will leave sharp and clear imprints. As a customer you will appreciate how practical and useful these stamps are because you can stamp an array of metals, from steel and stainless steel to brass, copper, to name a few. U.S. and UK manufactured, these quality Block-Style Alphabet and Number Stamp sets are conveniently available for purchase right here on our website.