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Steel Type Kits

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Our Steel Type Kits come in storage cases and include a full font set, spacers, tweezers, a wrench and a Handheld Steel Type Holder. Select a Steel Type Kit from six available character sizes and holders with various capacities to fit your stamping needs. This product is ideal for stamping serial and model numbers, alpha-numeric codes, as well as for spelling names, words, and short phrases on metal items with flat surfaces.

The Steel Type Holders included in these kits are intended to be struck with a hammer. This is a great marking method if your marks need frequent changes. Arranging individual characters for codes, serial numbers, names etc. is simple with the interchangeable Steel Type characters contained in these Steel Type Kits. Easily achieve multi-character imprints that are legible and identical on each and every metal piece you stamp. A Steel Type Kit is an excellent tool-set for permanently stamping identification and traceability marks, as well as short-phrases, etc.

The six Steel Type Kits mentioned above include “Sharp-Faced” Steel Type Stamps that easily penetrate surfaces of various metals. Purchase our Steel Type Kits right here on our website, or contact us for assistance.

Low Stress ‘Round-Face” and “Dot-Style” Steel Type Kits are also available in certain character sizes. Contact us for details.