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Steel Inspection Stamps

Infinity Stamps is a proud and trusted manufacturer of high-quality Steel Inspection Stamps also known as Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Stamps. These Steel Stamps are typically used in industries such as Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Rail Transit and Passenger Transportation to name a few. Welders, military officials and engineers also use Inspection Stamps to confirm the examined products meet the standard requirements.

Steel Inspection Stamps are handheld Metal Stamps to be struck with a hammer. Commonly used for permanently imprinting custom, clean, legible marks into metal; Inspection Stamps have gained a prominent role in certain industrialized companies for the purpose of quality control and quality assurance. Infinity Stamps will produce your Steel Inspection Stamps to feature the images in the sizes of your choice, to meet your needs. Inspectors and operators can easily imprint their custom inspection stamp into the metal component, adding their official stamp of approval! Contact a representative today to receive a quote and ask about our quantity discounts!