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Steel Hand Stamps for Plastic

Steel Hand Stamps for plastics are a desired stamping tool for many different reasons. The stamps we offer can be made with your name, your company name, or an identification mark. We will produce your custom Steel Hand Stamp for your plastic product with attention to detail and with the best end result in mind.

Infinity Stamps takes pride in ensuring every stamp is precision-made for high performance. Each Steel Hand Stamp is made of quality Tool-Steel and is hardened for durability. The hand stamp against your plastic material will yield permanent professional marks that will be legible and serve their purpose. The sharp-face stamp is raised to 1/16” to ensure clear imprints. The margins around the image of your stamp are minimal to prevent background marks. With our sharp Steel Hand Stamps, stamping your plastics products will prove to be an easy task. With the single strike of a hammer your plastic products can now feature long-lasting imprints.

Our experienced team takes pride in custom-making each Steel Hand Stamp for Plastics to meet your specifications. If you’ve never stamped your plastic products and would like to find out if your specific plastic is suitable for marking with steel stamps, we will be glad to evaluate samples of your plastic or samples of your plastic product. Contact a representative today with your specifications and art file (if available) and ask about our free Test Marking Service!

As certain plastics respond well to heat rather than as steel stamp, we can also offer you a branding iron. Ask your representative for details.