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Steel Hand Stamps

Whether you’re a tradesman, artisan, craftsman or hobbyist, Steel Hand Stamps are great stamping tools. All you need is a 16 oz. Ball Pein Hammer, safety goggles and a Standard Bench Block!

If a fairly small mark is what you need, a Steel Hand Stamp is your ‘go-to’ stamping tool. Compared to other marking methods that are typically more costly and not nearly as long-lasting, a Steel Hand Stamp is the most cost-effective permanent marking solution. Our quality Steel Hand Stamps are perfectly designed for easy use. The top end of this stamp is beveled to help prevent chipping (when struck with a hammer) and the lower section has a groove that you can easily feel with your thumb, ensuring that you’re holding the stamp in the correct orientation. The face of the stamp is beveled up to the image, eliminating background marks.

Choosing the most suitable size image depends on the material and the size of your item. Smaller images with fewer details are recommended and in most cases necessary for marking metals and other materials similar in hardness. Slightly larger images are an option when you need to stamp mild and soft metals, wood, certain plastics, thick/firm leather and more. Simply tell us what material you want to stamp and what size you have in mind for your mark and we’ll be glad to assist you and take care of the rest!