Custom Alphabet Stamp Set

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As Low as $395.00 (Price is based on amount of characters and font size)

Infinity Stamps takes pride in producing custom Alphabet Stamp Sets of unsurpassed craftsmanship. Virtually any font, any language and even your own hand-written characters can be transformed into great marking tools. The Infinity Stamps Custom Alphabet Stamp Sets are made of quality grade Steel and are heat-treated for optimal durability.

NOTE: Our Custom Alphabet Stamp Sets are never mass-produced and are not offered anywhere else.


  • You pick the font and character size
  • Rounded Top End, a feature that prevents the back end from chipping
  • Stamp Face is beveled up to the character for marking with precision
  • A groove on the front lower section of the stamp indicates correct orientation 
  • Suitable for all hobbyist and Industrial applications
  • Made from quality grade tool-steel
  • Heat Treated for maximum durability
  • Made in-house, right here in the USA
  • For Custom Alphabet Stamp Sets smaller than 4.7 mm one Plastic Box with Foam Insert is included in the price.

Other Details


Ships in approx. 6 business days upon your emailed approval of the Proof.

To better assist you in choosing a font size, we have put together a PDF comparison chart. Simply print out the file on letter size paper, making sure it is set to print at Actual Size.