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Precious Metal Clay Stamps

Whether you’re an experienced Jewelry Designer or a beginner, working with Precious Metal Clay gives you the freedom to express your creativity. This medium also allows you to be unique and stand out in the crowd. If that’s what your heart desires, then you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in producing unique metal stamps for stamping soft as well as fired Precious Metal Clay. Let your imagination go wild and come up with designs that will make your jewelry pieces special and desirable.

As Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is such a soft material you can easily imprint it deep enough with our Custom Metal Stamps. You’ll never have to worry about background marks or about jeopardizing the quality of your imprints due to shrinkage. Our Brass Stamps are ideal for stamping soft PMC because they are deep-engraved and the face of these metal stamps can be produced in virtually any size. Another advantage is that a Brass stamp is rust-resistant and can easily be cleaned with warm water.

You also choose to stamp your fired PMC jewelry creations using any of our jewelry steel stamps. For your somewhat flat jewelry creations you can use a hand stamp such as alphabet and design stamps. For your rings, you can use our custom Gooseneck/Bent Ring Stamps. There’s no doubt you would want to add your signature to your masterpieces. You can go with a Straight Logo Stamp for marking directly on your pieces or choose to add signature metal tags. Make sure to check out our popular tag-stamping tool, the TagMate System! You’ll be impressed with how easy and efficient this compact tool is.

Our team pays great attention to detail from start to finish and we’re all proud to offer you high quality, U.S. made metal stamps. No matter what specifications you give us, we can make it happen for you, to your complete satisfaction. Rest assured that our metal stamps are second to none! Contact us with your inquiry to receive a quote.