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Plastic Stamps

When you need to mark plastic products with a logo, a name or text, you have a few options. For a fairly small imprint, a Steel Hand Stamp may do the trick for you and, for a larger imprint, a Steel Plate Stamp for use in a press may be the way to go. Hot Stamps for use in Hot-Stamping Machines and Reverse Steel Stamps and inserts for use in Injection Molds are also products we produce per our customers’ specifications.

Our steel stamps for plastics are produced in-house, right here in the USA.

Note: While many kinds of plastics can be marked with steel stamps, some plastics respond better to heat. If this is the first time you’re looking into marking your plastic products with a Steel Stamp, and you’re curious about the result, you’re welcome to send us samples of your plastic material for our evaluation. If you choose to do so, please visit our test-marking service page. Our Test-Marking service is free of charge and the results will be given to you along with a recommendation for the most suitable marking method for your application. The marking method we may suggest for your plastic products could be branding instead of stamping. A Quick Word About Branding Irons will give you a quick overview about branding vs. stamping with quick links to help you.

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