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Neoprene Inspection Stamps

Neoprene Inspection Stamps are practical tools for industrial used by inspectors and operators. When imprinting your inspector's mark, it is vital your markings are clear, legible and long-lasting. Used with ink pads in the same way as any rubber stamp; Neoprene is highly resistant to an array of elements. Made of synthetic rubber, Neoprene Inspection Stamps are universally popular and more economical. Oil, heat, acid, light and oxidation, to name a few are no match against Neoprene Inspection Stamps, making them much more durable than natural rubber.

The synthetic rubber comes in handy during the deterioration process by decreasing the speed once the stamp is used with harsh inks or solvents. Engineered for ergonomic use with a “Solid Engraved Neoprene Plug”, these Inspection Stamps will not come apart when used with Special Marking Inks. Fast drying ink for marking metals and other non-porous materials are also available. Contact an Infinity Stamps representative and they will gladly assist you with your Neoprene Inspection Stamp needs.