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Maker Stamps for Presses

Infinity Stamps and leather workers throughout the world value a high-quality Maker’s Stamp. Marking your precious leathers can be quite difficult if you invest in the wrong marking tool. This is why saddle makers, leather craftsman, etc. from all over, trust in Infinity Stamps to deliver high-quality Maker Stamps. Why take a chance? Get it done right the first time, every time. 

We produce each stamp in-house, right here in the USA. Our Steel Plate Maker Stamps for use in presses are made of high-quality Tool-Steel and hardened for optimal durability. We also produce Brass Plate Maker Stamps for presses, as an alternative. Our deep-engraved Plate Stamps leave permanent impressions in thick, firm leather such as Veg. Tan and Tooling Leather. Your Maker Stamp will leave a highly detailed imprint in your leather products, free of background marks. Your stamp will be designed and produced per your specifications to work well in your press. Proudly stamp your Maker’s Mark on your leather crafts, knowing it will last for generations to come!

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