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Maker Stamps

Do you need to stamp your Veg Tan or Tooling Leather craft with your Makers Mark? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. As a leatherworker the passion you have for your work shows in your leather craft and there’s no doubt you are proud of it! Passion and pride is what we have in common. That is why Leather workers value a quality Makers Stamp that will leave a lasting impression. Each and every Maker Stamp we produce, handheld or for use in a press, is made with great attention to detail. 

We offer various sizes, a selection of borders, fonts and popular designs. Each stamp is produced in-house, right here in the USA using quality metals. Our team will make your Maker Stamp with precision, per your specifications. You will receive a Maker Stamp that will add the finishing touch to your leather crafts.

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