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Maker Hand Stamps

Welcome Leather-workers! We all know your special craft withstands the test of time, and that is why you value a high-quality Maker’s Stamp that will leave an impression for generations to come. Want to know what we have in common? It’s pride! We know you’re proud of your craft, and so are we! That is why we’re glad to be your partners!

Infinity Stamps has been a trusted name and reliable producer of Custom Maker Stamps and Leather Decorative Metal Stamps. Whether you’re a saddle maker or a leather-crafter working with Cowhide Veg Tan or Tooling Leather, we will make a quality Maker Stamp for you per your specifications.

We produce each stamp in-house, right here in the USA. Our custom handheld Maker Stamps are made of high-quality Tool-Steel and heat-treated to optimal hardness, giving the stamp lasting durability. With the single strike of a mallet, your Makers Mark will feature clear details, free of background marks and will look professional on your leather creations. You can choose to go with a standard Maker’s Mark or replace a plain oval border with a rope border, add a pair of stars or a pair of diamonds, or submit your own unique design. Contact one of our representatives today with your specifications to receive a quote.

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