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Magnesium Plate Stamps

When you need to imprint a logo, a company name, etc., Magnesium Plates, also known as Magnesium Dies, are a practical and cost-effective marking method option.

Magnesium Plates are used in a press for stamping Veg-Tan Leather and fits the budget of low volume production. Magnesium Plates are also used in Hot-Stamping machines for imprinting fabric and leather fashion and designer tags and labels. Other promotional applications include manually stamping contractors’ names and animal tracks into wet concrete, as well as imprinting company names and logos into sand and snow.

The Magnesium Plates we offer are 3/8” (.375”) thick and are deep-etched (image raised about 3/16” - 2.3mm) to ensure quality imprints. When we receive your logo or any image, we evaluate it to determine if it’s suitable for producing your Magnesium Plate(s) and we’re always glad to make suggestions that will support best results. If you wish to use our in-house graphics services, our experienced graphics team is available to fine-tune the images you provide. After your order is entered we will send you an actual size proof for your review and approval.

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