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Hot Glass Embossing Stamps

Glassblowers, your beautiful art is something to be proud of. Just like you, we are proud of the metal stamps we craft for embossing and imprinting hot glass.

Hot Glass Artisans, use our custom metal stamps to enhance their art with a unique design and to sign them. You, too, can add an extra element to your art pieces with special designs by embossing or imprinting them as the glass cools.

A simple and clean design or plain font text with adequate negative space supports clear and legible embossed and imprinted marks. As your media is soft, we make it a point to deep-engrave our stamps. When necessary, we recommend beveling the margins surrounding your image to help prevent background marks. 

Every metal stamp we produce is made right here in the U.S. per our customers’ specifications. The metal we use is brass, which works well with hot glass.

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You can always ask us for help with Design Assistance. Our designers can help you turn your ideas into high quality custom stamps.