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Hand Stamps for Leather

Is working with leather your pride and joy? Whether it’s a logo, your name, a design or anything else, we’d be delighted to team up with you and create a hand stamp fit for you!

Infinity Stamps is a reliable producer of custom hand stamps for imprinting thick, firm leather, typically struck with a mallet, leaving an impressed mark. Our steel hand stamps for leather are made with high detail and are perfect for stamping leather such as Tooling-Leather, also known as Vegetable Tanned Leather.

For best results, we recommend wetting your leather before stamping it. This step results in a denser and darker stamped image. The biggest dimension of the stamped image can be as large as 2”. We heat-treat each stamp for optimal durability, ensuring your stamps will last.

*Note A: Strike your stamp only once to prevent double or multiple images. 

*Note B: Our stamps work best on thick, firm leather. For soft, supple leather, ask your representative about material evaluation and best marking solutions.

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You can always ask us for help with Design Assistance. Our designers can help you turn your ideas into high quality custom stamps.