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Designer Alphabet Stamps

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As you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re a jewelry artisan with a passion for stamping or want to get into stamping jewelry. Look no further, as we’ve got something special just for you! It’s quite possible you started off stamping your jewelry pieces with standard block-style letters, but now your customers are asking for different fonts that are more fun, so kudos to you for moving forward towards taking your craft to a new level! Take a look at our Designer Alphabet Stamps Sets as we’re quite certain you will find at least one set that will strike your fancy. We offer these Metal Alphabet Sets in uppercase and lowercase, as well as number & symbol sets. We produce them all in-house, right here in the USA and they are available in four different popular fonts.

Crafted with great detail and durability in mind, there’s no doubt you will enjoy stamping your jewelry pendants, washers, bracelets and any other items you may be crafting, knowing that your imprints will be sharp and legible. You can even use our Designer Stamp Sets for stamping silverware and other metal products. Let your imagination soar and express your creativity!

Any Designer Stamp Set can be purchased separately or as a Complete Designer Stamp Set of 66 pieces at a discounted price. Place your order on our website for the Alphabet Stamp Set you most desire today and we know you’ll come back for more in the near future. Building your font collection is what it’s all about. Your customers will be delighted and so will you!