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Custom Steel Type

If you need unique Custom Steel Type to set you apart from the rest, we’ll be glad to assist you. We produce Custom Steel Type per our customers’ specifications. The Custom Steel Type stamps can be made for handheld as well as machine type holders, to match any Steel Type you may have. No matter what you wish to stamp, from alpha-numeric codes to names, words, and short phrases, we will make it for you.

Infinity Stamps makes Custom Steel Type Stamps using high grade steel. Your Custom Steel Type Stamps can include individual letters, digits, and punctuation marks in many existing fonts and you can add as many spacers as you need. For marking steel and stainless steel, check out our single-stroke fonts. In addition to the English, alphabet you can request alphabets and symbols of other languages.

Custom Brass Type
If you need Custom Brass Type, we’ll be glad to assist you. Brass Type is ideal for Hot-Stamping and other applications. We produce Custom Brass Type per our customers’ specifications using quality Brass.

All our Custom Steel and Brass Type stamps are made with precision in-house right here, in the USA.

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You can always ask us for help with Design Assistance. Our designers can help you turn your ideas into high quality custom stamps.

Check out our Font Gallery to view our collection of fonts that were created specifically for our products. Keep in mind we can create custom type with almost any font but it may need to be modified to work well depending on the materials you are marking.