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Clay and Concrete Stamps

If you’re a Clay artisan or Concrete Contractor looking to leave a lasting impression, you will appreciate our metal Clay and Concrete Stamps. As a contractor, using our Magnesium Concrete Stamps to imprint your logo or company name into the wet concrete on the job property is a great and permanent way to promote your business!

For our clay artisans, adding your logo, signature and any unique designs to your clay products will also enhance the appearance and overall quality of your art pieces. Our Clay Stamps are made with rust-resistant Brass to last.

Our team pays close attention to detail from start to finish, ensuring your marks will be clear and lasting.  Our experienced team will make sure your stamps are made per your specifications, right here in the USA. For more information and to receive a quote, contact a representative.

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You can always ask us for help with Design Assistance. Our designers can help you turn your ideas into high quality custom stamps.