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Carbide Stamps

Infinity Stamps is an experienced producer of custom, high-quality Steel Stamps and Carbide Stamps. We serve industries that use Steel and Carbide stamps for permanently imprinting logos, serial numbers, dates and codes, etc. 

We produce a wide range of steel stamps. In addition to steel stamps for stamping flat surfaces, we make concave and convex stamps for marking cylindrical metal products. For your sheet metal embossing needs we make embossing die sets (male and female). For bar marking we make the roll dies, segments and inserts. We also produce custom Steel Type and holders, hot stamps, custom low stress stamps, inspection stamps, reverse stamps for molds in the plastics industry or virtually any steel stamp you may need.

The steel stamps you need will be made with precision per your specifications, using the grade of steel you request. Typically, we use A-2 Tool-Steel, suitable for most stamping needs. We also use high-speed steel for added durability, most practical for high volume marking.

If you intend to use a Hydraulic Press, and need carbide stamps, please contact us with your specifications and quantity needed to receive a quote .    

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