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Brass Tags

Our Jewelry Brass Tags are designed by us and made in the U.S. We offer these high quality brass tags in the most popular shapes and sizes from hearts to ovals, and more!

Punched out of the same coil, each one of our brass tags is 22 gauge. This means that no matter the size and style, our brass tags are identical in thickness and will always fit well in our TagMate System. The smallest tag is 4.8mm x 8mm, suitable for your most delicate necklaces and bracelets. The largest of our tags is 11.5mm in diameter, lending itself to a higher detailed logo, a long name, and more. 

For the finishing touch, we tumble and polish them, making our brass jewelry tags shine bright, ready to be stamped with your logo or name. Each style of brass tags is sold in bags of 100. Quantity discounts available.

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We also offer Jewelry Tag Stamping service if you would like us to stamp them for you.