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Multi-Purpose Brass
Branding Dies


Helpful Tips - Branding Die

A branding die is a detachable head, made of brass or stainless steel. It connects to either a handle or an electric branding iron and functions as a heated stamp.

is a piece of metal engraved with a specific image (design or text), for the purpose of burning the image onto 

Helpful Tips - Material

Materials that can be marked with a branding die include (not limited to) wood, leather, plastic, rubber, cork, straw, dense foam, candle wax, soap, Plexiglas and some food items. When material quality and texture varies, such as plastics and leather, BIU highly recommends that samples be provided to us so that we can “test-brand” those samples and make our recommendations accordingly. BIU is not responsible for any damage made to any items.

It can be heated over open flame or with an electric heating element. Unless requested otherwise, the die is made of either

Helpful Tips - Brass

Brass is an alloy consisting of 60% copper and 35% zinc. It is an ideal combination for fast and even heating.

or stainless steel.

Images can range from simple to complex
Prior to producing any branding die, the BIU in-house Graphic Design Department reviews all artwork received from customers and prepares a proof that is detailed and clear. This ensures highly defined details and intricate contours on the die face.
Branded images show beautifully and add a touch of pride to any product.

Post your questions and discuss applications with other customers.

Check out a collection of invaluable resources for various trades.

See the versatility of our branding irons.

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Product Features:

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SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash.Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery
Easily Connect & Disconnect Branding Dies from Iron
BIU ’s high quality dies are fitted with either a 3/8”-16 or a 5/8”-11

Helpful Tips - Threaded Shank

BIU can also make smooth shanks to fit branding irons (acquired elsewhere) in any specified dimensions. If the customer requires the use of both a threaded shank and a smooth shank, BIU can provide an adapter that can work both ways.

or made with a threaded hole, unless otherwise requested. This allows the user the option of detaching the die from the branding iron and attaching another of similar size (or smaller) for branding other images on a variety of items.

Clear Branded Marks
The branding die face features a custom engraved image that is raised 3/32”. The 3/32” relief ensures an accurate detail transfer of the image and prevents background marks.

High Durability
A branding die with a ½” square face or smaller is 5/8” thick. Die faces with larger dimensions are ¾” thick unless otherwise specified. The thickness of the dies guarantee durability and long life. Overall image dimensions can range from 1/32” to 19” X 29”.

Flat, Concave or Convex
Dies can be produced for marking flat or curved surfaces.When a curved surface needs to be marked, the dies can be made

Helpful Tips - Concave

Denotes a spherically shaped surface, curved inward


Helpful Tips - Convex

Denotes a spherically shaped surface, curved outward

These dies are CNC produced for a precise radial match.

Add Interchangeable Text
A standard branding die is made with a permanent, engraved image. However, it can be made to include both a permanent image and a

Helpful Tips - T-Slot

T-shaped channel for holding type dies that slide in and out of it.

or a pocket. The T-Slot for interchangeable characters (individual letters, digits and/or symbols) and the pocket for inserts (smaller dies with permanent groups of characters featured on each die insert).

These combonation dies come in handy when dates or model numbers e.g., need to be periodically replaced.

Brands Many Types of Materials
The brass branding die can be used to mark many different kinds of materials: Wood, plastics, leather, suede, rubber, cork, bamboo & straw, dense foam, plexiglass and heavy card stock to name a few.

Click the material below to see examples of branding:

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