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Infinity Stamps is the Premiere Marking Device Company for Leather Stamps, Jewelry Stamps, Wood, Metals, Inspection Stamps and Industrial Stampswelcome to infinity stamps


When You Need Help, Count on Infinity Stamps!

When you need to leave an impression, Infinity Stamps recieves high marks. Whatever marking issue you have, ISI has the solution. From Engraving to Custom Built Stamps to fit a specialty machine, or simply, help with your design! Infinity Stamps has a full service graphic design team to translate what's in your mind, to metal, to the material you want marked. There really is no other company with the capability of Infinity Stamps. We take pride in meeting our customer's needs, but don't take our word for it. Take a look at our testimonials.

branding heads designed for branding irons

infinity stamps makers of fine custom stamps

Design Help

Graphic Design Assistance
Every stamp produced by Infinity Stamps, Inc. starts off with good artwork. When artwork is provided, the graphic design department carefully evaluates each piece to ensure it is ideal for creating stamps with clear detail. ISI is commitment to providing our customers with high quality stamps that leave highly defined marks is a big part of what sets us apart from the competition.
Our highly skilled Graphic Artists are capable of maximizing artwork quality, using their comprehensive abilities. From refining existing artwork to digitizing an illustration, no challenge is too great for them to tackle.

Free Layouts
ISI provides layouts and proofs for your stamps Free-of-Charge. This includes the placement of text using the PC font of your choice. You are welcome to select the font from our Font Gallery which includes a great collection, divided into a few categories for your convenience. The placement of a decorative design is also included. You can either provide us with your vector artwork file(s) or choose something from our Clip Art Gallery (All our clip art designs are in vector artwork and "ready-to-go").

Sharing Ideas
If you’re not quite sure of a design for your custom stamp, you are more than welcome to take advantage of our experience. We can certainly come up with ideas for a good design and/or a well balanced layout. When you provide us with an artwork file that you would like to optimize for producing a quality stamp, we will gladly make suggestions. We can discuss your ideas and, if our ideas would also appeal to you, they can all be combined to ensure the best possible design. Our Sales Representative and customer service staff are at your service and they all work closely with our graphic designers, to make sure the ideas you chose for your stamp(s) come to life.

Quality Assured
Infinity Stamps, Inc. is dedicated to preparing high quality artwork for all of our stamps, from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most intricate.

Essential Capabilities

Special Capabilities

infinity stamps engraving

Infinity Stamps, Inc. (ISI) offers computerized engraving on customer items with any definable surface, whether flat, concave or convex. ISI uses sophisticated software in combination with CNC equipment. The software enables the engravers to use any font (letter style). Font widths can be condensed, extended, italicized, etc. per customer preference. The CNC equipment and software used by ISI enables the most intricate designs to be engraved with great accuracy and precision. Image sizes can range from 1/32” to 16” x 12”.

Engraving is also utilized by ISI to produce some stamp faces such as those on Branding Iron Heads, Embossing Die Sets and Clay Impression Stamps. Images can be either sunken into the stamp face or raised from the stamp face.

We Can Mark Your Jewelry Tags

ISI has a Tag Marking service for those that would prefer not to mark their own tags. There is an initial setup fee of $120 and $50 per each 100 tags we mark. Be sure to ask the sales department for more information on this handy service.

Get a Quote on Custom Marked Metal Jewelry Tags

Gift Certificates

ISI now offers Gift Certificates. It is the ideal way to help a loved one get the stamp or marking tool they desire. Give us a call or contact us through our contact form to purchase one today.


Don't forget that Infinity Stamps is partnered up with Branding Irons Unlimited, expanding our marking tool service even further.


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